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Red Sea Reef Energy ab+ Long Term Review

I've been using Red Sea Reef Energy Plus for 18 months now. Here are my experiences and thoughts.

Reef Energy ab+ https://amzn.to/3fpY8Pb

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0:00 Intro
0:23 My usage
0:49 ab+ in action
2:10 Coral growth
3:10 Coral health
4:40 Coral colouration
5:41 Down sides
7:46 Practicalities
8:55 Final thoughts
opethmike : Straight forward, honest reviews like this are why yours is one of my favorite reef channels.
Kyle : My zoas and palys had a vast improvement with this stuff. Its also a lower nutrient system. After dosing it, polyp extension, growth, and a bit of color, was enhanced
Reef Kichards : Excellent review Dork! Good work. I reached a similar conclusion to you, I give a half dose around once every 10 days, which seems to work well for me.
Garry Cole : Your reviews are top notch and do you know why, because you have just as many cons as pros. Most reef channels out there are 90% pros vs cons which is not real life. I also think a lot of reefers "feel" like it helped their tanks to justify the cost and time to do that.
Alfie's Reef : Tank is looking great and thanks for.a decent time frame review
I went through 2 bottles of ab+ when it first came out and didnt see much change personally. Now for over a year i havent fed anything, only thing my sps get is lobster eggs when i feed the fish and the fish poo and amionos and everything is still fine.

Tips & Tricks – Feeding with Reef Energy Plus

If you want to take your reefkeeping to the next level, and maximize the energy out of Reef Energy Plus, watch and learn. This educational video provides great practical feeding advice and fun with some really cool examples of broadcast feeding and close-ups of target feeding with crazy polyp extension and puffed up corals.

First, we’ll cover the tips for the “set \u0026 forget” method we all use every day because it’s easy and efficient: broadcast feeding and then the super fun target feeding technique.

How to let the food mix evenly throughout the aquarium, on the one hand, and not blow off the mucus layer from the corals on the other hand; which pumps to turn off and for how long; what to do with the dosing container between refills; how much tank water to mix with this superfood to get the perfect mixture for target feeding; what does Reef Energy Plus have to do with fish food and how can it help prevent HLLE, aka Holes in the Head; and is there hope for damaged or bleached corals? All this and more in this short video. Enjoy!

If you want to see more amazing close-ups of corals’ reaction to feeding with Reef Energy Plus, check out our Reef Energy Plus video: http://bit.ly/2T759I9

And, if you’re curious and want to understand the science behind coral nutrition, watch our Red Sea Insights nutrition video: http://bit.ly/2VeB9g1

For more information about Reef Energy Plus, visit our website at http://bit.ly/2SHI4N5

Reef Energy Plus is part of our complete recipe program. Check it out on our https://www.redseafish.com/reef-care-recipes/

Join our Facebook group: http://bit.ly/36d8zOw

more videos designed to empower you with knowledge are in the making. So, make sure you don't miss out on our future episodes and subscribe to our YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/2DLThnI
Providence Tidal Reef : I fed this to my tank for the first time today. I've tried many top brand foods on the market. I honestly think this takes the cake. The extension of polyps was incredible. I've never seen my corals so full. Even after name brand polyp extender. Cant wait to see how my corals will color up and grow with this product!
HollaAtChaReefBoy : Good stuff. This is exactly how I feed my reef in a box with the old Reef Nutrition A& B. Sometimes I even mix it in with frozen food to help thaw and marinate it. Thanks Red Sea for a great product!
M. Adi S. : Is the one-third part of RE+ for target dosing is the the same as the whole part of broadcast feeding dose? sorry for the newbie question, can't find it in the manual...
Thiago Caires : And more one question, it’s better dose the total volume in one time or in separated doses?
SonoRon : Very excited to try this. Well done Red Sea!

Feeding Your Corals a Super Food Means Super Growth and Coloration! Red Sea Reef Energy AB+

Red Sea Reef Energy A \u0026 B has been a staple coral food in reef tanks for years, but now they've combined the two formulas into a single coral SUPER food! Red Sea Reef Energy AB+ has all the amino acids and particulate foods your corals need to thrive and accelerate their growth and produce vibrant colors.
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Three sizes of Red Sea Reef Energy AB+ available at Bulk Reef Supply:
➡ https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/reef-energy-plus-ab-all-in-one-coral-superfood-red-sea.html

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Pickle MeTimbers : Half dose this stuff if you are running low nutrient systems. I added this according to the lowest dosage split by 50% and I got a cyano outbreak in one month. I now dose it at 50% recommended 2x weekly. Great results! Hard to see growth after only 2 months but you can see the difference in color. Just use half of what you think you need.
I use airline tubing on the bottle. You can squeeze small amounts in to the measuring cup much easier than if you are trying to pour it.
youjustgottadrum : I have many coral propagation tanks, and this stuff works great. I just don't like that it needs to be kept cold.
Stefany Acevedo B. : Is this a supplement for corals or is a hole food for them that doesn’t requiere additional feeding?
Jamie Skinner : Please test this like you did the brightwell. Iv been using brightwell but spot feeding is really difficult, iv been tempted to mix a little ab+ with it but if it works as well as the brightwell amino I would definitely make the switch.
Sammy31Dee : I've been using the reef fuel amino acids and yea I'd say definitely see better color and growth... gonna try this version in the future




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